Sneakerplaats interview with @air_cigar


1. Who (are you?), What (do you for a living?), Where (do you live?)

Hi! First of all thanks for the invite, it’s nice of you.
My name is Julien Cheron and I’m 45. I come from France and I leave in Orléans which is a city next to Paris. I’m a married father of three.
I have been working in the cigar industry for 13 years (which explains my concept air cigar). In that way I can mixe two passions.
Sneakerplaats interview with @cheron_julien

2. When did your love for sneakers start and why do you love sneakers so much?

I think I’ve always been a sneakers’ fan, for my birthday and Christmas, the gift was always a pair of sneakers. When I was younger, since I used to play tennis and basketball, I noticed some pairs like Agassi, McEnroe and Jordan.

But it was when I was 13/14 years old that I became addicted to sneakers. It was at the same time that i discovered hip-hop culture (I used to do graffiti and to be a DJ which gave me occasions to make French rap mixtapes and work with some groups). This accompanied me during my youth till 2000 when I opened my sneaker store in Clermont Ferrand (a city in the center of France) till 2005.
I was selling hip-hop brands (Ecko, Fubu, phatfarm, Dada). After 2 years I was able to open a Nike trend account, it was the period when dunks were trending and I maybe had a little collection of 80 pairs of low Air Force. At that time it was my fetish pair with baggy pants, it was the top.
Sneakerplaats interview with @cheron_julien

3. Do you remember your first pair of sneakers? Which pair was it?

I don’t remember which one was the first, but I remember during my 4th year of high school, I made a traineeship in a sport store and I was in love with a pair of Air Max 1. My boss seeing me every day watching the pair of Air Max 1 blue, decided to give it to me after the traineeship. I was too shy to put them on my feet. Even after 30 years it’s still my favorite pair and I think I bought them 4 times
Sneakerplaats interview with @cheron_julien

4. What’s your favorite brand and model?

My favorite brand without a doubt is Nike, my favorite model is the Air Max 1. I like huaraches, Air Max 180, Cortezes…
Sneakerplaats interview with @cheron_julien

5. How many sneakers do you have in your collection?

Wooah it is a good question, I threw a lot of them, in fact I’ve never considered myself as a collector. I wear all my pairs, I gave or sold all my dunk and Air Force 1. I may still have 100-130 pairs and most of them are air Max 1.
Sneakerplaats interview with @cheron_julien

6. What’s your favorite pair from your collection?

Air Max 1 Og blue for the sentimental side, I also really love Safaris and recently customs and bespoke.
Sneakerplaats interview with @cheron_julien
Sneakerplaats interview with @cheron_julien

7. Which pair(s) are still on your wish list?

Nike Air Max 1 master friends and familly

8. Do you have a favorite sneakerstore or sneakershop?

  • Opium paris
  • Atmos japan
  • Flight club NYC

Sneakerplaats interview with @cheron_julien

9. Which brand and / or model would you never wear in your life? And why is that?

Adidas, yeezy…
All the futuristic pairs in fact, I’m also not a fan of sacai, big semelle, all this trend in general. Maybe because I’m an old one 🤣🤣🤣
Sneakerplaats interview with @cheron_julien

10. Where can people follow you on your socials? (Instagram, Facebook, etc)

I was not a fan of social media and two years ago for my work I opened an Instagram account for cigars and I had the idea to mix it with my love for sneakers. It was a must for me 🤣
That’s it for me, now You know everything about me. Thank you again for the invite and good continuation to sneakerplaats.
Sneakerplaats interview with @cheron_julien